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  4. subtitles

    the subtitles are processed by enigma2 in the transmission stream of DVB (bitstream,region,page etc...) they are different according to channel. The impact that the skin can produce in subtitles are the actions that the user has available in config screen skin.
  5. subtitles

    I tested the new skin from Pingu (EG_BLACK_BLUE FHD for EGAMI) + EMC FHD enabled option and in this combination the DVB subtitles in some material display properly but in some channels the timing of subtiles is still wrong How does it work in Enigma, does the skin selection have any impact on DVB subtitles sync with video stream while watching?
  6. subtitles

    view video your channel. [GI-LX-3] (softcam->wicardd).play movie EMC.
  7. subtitles

    I have no problems in this regard, it should be the DVB stream that sends the payment platform that you are subscribed to, where enigma2 does not interpret them well. In my case, with my platform I have no problems, they are synchronized, the quality can be improved but is fully readable. PD. Test with EMC:
  8. subtitles

    I tested with NC+ (Poland, Canal+/HBO) and Frech package Fransat (for the record: Neotion CAM CI+ 1.3, btw working perfectly in my miracle box premium+). In TV live mode all works fine, DVB subtitles are displayed properly and fully synchronized, e.g. http://www.bild.me/bild.php?file=1485076correct_DVB_-live.JPG The problem is with values stored in TS stream because the same file I open on my PC and play with VLC, works fine. Example from VLC run on my PC: http://www.bild.me/bild.php?file=3434048Zrzut_ekranu_2017-10-16_o_21.10.20.png If I play the same file directly from from /media/hdd/movie then I can observe DVB subs with bad timings, poor quality or appearing just for a few milliseconds so impossible to read. Playing with timings. fonts etc. in subtitles menu options doesn't help. Btw, recently I tested for a while some other images, and I had the same issue - maybe there is some low level issue with Miraclebox driver? Could somebody make tests of DVB subtitles and report back on this thread?
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