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    (Driver) update Octagon SF8008 - 03.11.18 BISS - FTA (DCW) fix. REC Paytv fix. PIP Paytv fix. Radio CH 3.1E fix. Video Freeze T2 fix. Mute Button Stalker fix. PIP Gui restart fix. Descrambler fix. Demux issue fix. FTP : /lib/modules/4.4.35/extra https://github.com/oe-alliance/oe-alliance-core/commit/ff4eb08ff618da9677176681fde39e137ae37db4 Drivers Octagon SF8008 03.11.18.zip
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    (Driver) update Octagon SF8008 - 10.11.18 [sf8008] fixed problem of video aspect changed after gui restart hi-dvb.ko FTP : /lib/modules/4.4.35/extra ---------------------------------------- libreader FTP : /usr/bin https://github.com/oe-alliance/oe-alliance-core/blob/4.2/meta-brands/meta-octagon/recipes-drivers/octagon-dvb-modules-sf8008.bb libreader hi-dvb.ko
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