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  1. EGAMI - 5.1 - Advanced Image

    Okay, i checked other DTS-HD files and didn't find problem with sound.
  2. What about the autoresolution, is it on? Also check the mediainfo of files which have a problem with multi. Frankly i don't see a reason to use multi and autoresolution, it brings more problems than a favour.
  3. You can use this ftp for test media without login and pass
  4. Sorry for waiting. If you have the file with DTS-HD audio, please upload it on ftp (without login and pass) and i will check it.
  5. ddns_0.3_mipsel.ipk addon

    Use this link http://ns1upd.dyyndns.info/ipk/ddns_0.3_mipsel.ipk for manual ipk installation from /tmp you can find it in /etc/ddns.conf.dist (i guess that you can rename it like ddns.conf or fix the name in sh4) with next fields HST="" PASS="" UPD="" Also you can find the /usr/bin/ddns.sh
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