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  1. Comparaison

    It is similiar HW. 4x DVB-T2.
  2. PIP no termination

    It will be fixed on 7.2.9. It will requier disable of Animatons.
  3. Autotimeshift does not remove old records

    You should disable AUTO RECORDING, it means it records movies in timshift mode.
  4. We suppose it is driver bug... had You chance to check it on different Image?
  5. XPEED LX3 crashlog

  6. atemio 6000HD

    Will appear asap.
  7. Update from 17.05

    Give us please sample to check it. Link or anything
  8. Xpeed LX-Pro

    Just a SAT.
  9. Xpeed LX-Pro

    2x USB 1xCA No display LAN 100Mbit HDMI S-video
  10. Xpeed LX-Pro

    It will arrive soon Stay tuned.
  11. auto selecting language

    You need to disable option "Remember Audio for channel"
  12. Egami Multiboot And Others Images

    Can You show us error from the USB ?
  13. You can not do anything with that button. sorry about
  14. Egami 7 And Iptv

    You can also setup to load not linked bouqets
  15. Dead Miraclebox Ultra

    I hope Marvel will surrvie more then 1 year Solo4K in my opinion is too expensive box which does not provide anything more then duo2 or even Marvel, except bootup speed.
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