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  1. Any Chance Of Opengl And Xbmc ?

    long and nothing , bad matter
  2. Problem With Motor Usals

    i have only one parabole with 2 lnb , i had tuner b equal to tuner A now with tuner b loop through is ok
  3. Problem With Motor Usals

    now is all well , problem with configuration
  4. i have a problem with motor , i use usals first i change from astra 19ºE to hotbird 13ºE and all ok i have signal in 13ºE after I return to 19ºE from 13ºE and motor does not rotate no signal in 19ºE change to chanel in 23ºE and motor go to 23E i Have signal in 23ºE Finally change chanel from 23ºE to 19ºE and i have signal in 19ºE now i want go to 13ºE no signal then I change to chanel 16ºE and i have signal in 16ºE pd: box is lx3
  5. 6.4 Irdeto Card Problem

    i did test with seca 3 card and sbox is working very well , i will do also test with sbox and card nagra3 and tiger , card reader responds as vu+duo , card reader is more fast in dream and xtrend
  6. Problem With Cccam In Lx3

    thanks at least now with cccam 2.3.0 all is ok but there is a problem should be possible to use any cccam version as with other box (xtrend , vu+duo.........)
  7. i can not use pip with cccam or record one chanel and see other , ccam only can with one chanel at once but if i use mgcamd all is ok
  8. it´s problem with rytec , also you can use mhw2epgdownloader as addon to croossepg and get epg canal+ spain without problems https://mega.co.nz/#!EZZT0LjQ!3hoZgPd_WfOKn7pwJB8xdJ_6smYpkVi1QcuVHuQPCE8 only select providers digital + and download
  9. xpeed-lx3 problem with hdmi-cec

    impossible, I did test with all possible configurations , changed cable hdmi for other and lx3 doesn´t recognize my tv I think problem is in lx3 because with my et9000 hdmi-cec is a luxe . I hope someday find the solution and thanks for egami image is the best
  10. i have a problem with hdmi-cec and my television samsung , anynet doesn´t recognize xpeed lx3 but hdmi-cec is working well with my clarke-teck et9000 and same tv regards
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