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  1. Hi, You do not need test egami 8.0 in XpeedLX3?

  2. Xpeed LX-Pro

    Hi, What is the receiver XpeedLX-Pro? Thank you
  3. Xpeedlx

    Hi, where is download for XpeedLX ?
  4. Pip

    For me it works , try it
  5. Pip

    I run PIP, switch to another program, all ok.swapping services, large window ok PIP window darkness. It does not work in all image / Egami, HDF, openATV / Attention! After installing the skin PLI FULL HD and activation pip in all image Egami, HDF, and other openATV without problémů.PIP works properly only from the skins of openPLi. Xpeed receiver LX3
  6. Hbbtv

    Hello new Egami image with GStreamer 1.4.5 does not work HbbTV Xpeed LX3
  7. Egami Multiboot And Others Images

    I have Xpeed LX3,Egamiboot on USB16G all image / HDMU, openPLi, openHDF, openVIX, OpenMIPS, openATV, and other / no problems http://speedy.sh/hs2wt/screenshot.jpg
  8. EGAMI 6.2 multiboot usb flash disk problem persists Screenshot 1,2 Egami 6.2 in flash Screenshot 3,4 Egami 6.2 in multiboot USB flash disk http://speedy.sh/DNwcu/Devices.zip
  9. In older versions (5.1) and all other image full backup is OK
  10. Hi,Egami 6.1 - Egami Full Backup does not work http://speedy.sh/gjvaV/screen.jpg
  11. I've tried 4 different USB-STICK, after restarting, it does everything.
  12. Problem multiboot. Installing the USB everything OK. Loading the first image / Egami 6.0 / OK. Restart, flash image selection - see Annex http://speedy.sh/nNyty/Screen.rar
  13. Hi Problem Egami Full Backup - backs up files imagversion and rootfs are OK, files kernel and noforce are size 0bite. I have to add the original image Egami. For other image / HDF, HDMU ..... / backup is complete
  14. Hi, HDMI-CEC Xsped LX3 off or switched to the same Message from the TV when you connect XspeedLX3 : HDMI Device List : No devices detected. Please check the connection or settngs of the device.
  15. I tried it on a Sony TV and Samsung. Does not work on any Television can not find LX3 Port HDMI1 TV = address akt.CEC: Port HDMI2 TV = address akt.CEC: Screen / HDMI2 port connected to the TV / http://speedy.sh/eeDJY/screen.jpg This does not work any image / Egami, HDF, HDMU, Open ATV
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