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  1. Hi, in ini-dvb-modules I read that SRCDATE = "20160121" ... is It means new drivers ?... I ask because I do not see a change log... Thanks
  2. Crashlog 6.6.5 http://speedy.sh/YNPjj/enigma2-crash-1429995364.rar thanks for work
  3. Egami 6.6.5 assumption : both mkv_ok, and mkv_nook , are in 1080p x264 codec and works in blu-ray Player... enigma2_logfile_ok.log is a mkv_ok log and work in Atemio nemesis enigma2_logfile_nook.log is a mkv_nook log and do not work in Atemio nemesis ( audio work but no video... ) thanks for the support http://speedy.sh/X73Wa/enigma2-logfile-ok.rar http://speedy.sh/chDwT/enigma2-logfile-nook.rar
  4. Here carshlog with 6.6.3 http://speedy.sh/AXnn7/enigma2-crash-1424996712.rar thanks for the support
  5. http://speedy.sh/haEDt/enigma2-crash-1423008366.rar
  6. Fantastic image the 6.6.2 ... the best... ...Last night I had the first crash with Atemio Nemesis... Here crashlog... http://www.filehosting.org/file/details/472113/enigma2_crash_1423008366.rar
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