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  1. Dead Miraclebox Ultra

    It brings support for UHD and 4K channel and then support H.265 codec. So it brings definitively more than the Duo2 box that will never support it. I am also looking for a box with H.265 (and perhaps VP10 too when available) to watch UHD/4K channels on my TV but I would prefer another brand with better driver support. The idea goes behond watching the sat TV channels but since those new codecs propose better encryption we will see SD and HD transmission encoded with those new codec to put more channel on the same TP. But also for IPTV that always look to reduce the bandwidth without losing quality. So definitively I won't purchase a box (except a very low cost one) today if it doesn't support H.265
  2. Dead Miraclebox Ultra

    Hi, I read good feedback about Mut@nt HD-2400 Pr2
  3. Hi, When switching from DHCP to fixed IP try to restart the box and check the log. I am not sure that the DHCP server is stopped when we change the setting from the GUI. Pr2
  4. ... and after you forward the port from the Internet be sure that somebody will find your STB on the internet and use it as he wants... Never open your STB to the Internet that's my advice, or setup a proper VPN to secure properly the connection.
  5. Flash a new image then and don't reinstall this plugin.
  6. Hi, If you can telnet the box go to: /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins And look into SystemsPlugins or Extensions for the plugin that you install and delete the associated folder, then reboot. Pr2
  7. Configure one of them and scan and check what you get and if it match bingo you have got it. If not then change the config and launch a scan. Of course blind scan can be an option too.
  8. Why use a blind scan if it is a well-know satellite, simply configure which satellite is connected to the LNB and start a search, it will be faster than starting a blind scan.
  9. Press Menu button on the RCU and configure your box.
  10. Adding Hard Drive Problems

    You need to first format the HDD in the box and afterwards the HDD should normally properly mount.
  11. Support For Lx3 ?

    Hi, Image is still there here is a direct link if you need it: http://image.egami-image.com/xpeedlx3/egami-7.0.1-xpeedlx3-20150525_usb.zip Pr2
  12. Yes it is this message, normally you can reboot your box without any problem. I already report the bug.
  13. Does the message ends with: oe-alliance-branding? If so you can safely reboot your box.
  14. You need to test if HDCP (the HDMI protection) is active or not on the device you connect. If the HDCP is active it won't work.
  15. Hi, You can try to define yourself an IP address to the eth0: ifconfig eth0 -addr= -mask= -gw= -dns= (-gw and -dns are optional and not needed I think). Pr2
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