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  1. Drivers Octagon Sf8008 29-01-2019

    revert drivers back 18.01.2019 https://github.com/oe-alliance/oe-alliance-core/commit/1b38323a0d4ace2b3255d84914067883d75a063d
  2. Octagon SF8008 enigma2_crash

    si si.. abbiamo visto con aggiornamenti di oggi. work in progress
  3. Digitale terrestre

    Salve è è un problema in drivers Octagon SF8008 oppure in Octagon drivers. Ti garantisco non è Problema in EGAMI Image. Poi che non tutti hanno il problema tuo. ( io non ho questo problema) ma ho visto in altri forum chi ha e chi non ha questo problema. - Ti consiglio di contattare il venditore. e sentire pui cosa ne dice.
  4. Octagon SF8008 enigma2_crash

    work in progress...
  5. (Driver) update Octagon SF8008 - 08.12.18

    feedback please.. zip and online
  6. (Driver) update Octagon SF8008 - 08.12.18

    30 min lo carico in upload
  7. cmq bello ottima notizie... ohhh finalmente...
  8. drivers online in EGAMI Plugins. ( SF8008_Drivers_05.12.18-reboot need) Please inform about all.
  9. you have tested friend? i see someone work someone dont work.. i dont know on real
  10. Egami image for cloud ibox 3

    hello, please is no wrong to say hi here http://www.egami-image.com/index.php?/forum/5-introductions/ sorry here no support cloud-ibox3 can check in google.
  11. General GUI improvements ideas

    no no..! the skin how egami release is a default and good. the skin have lot of part in FHD. to solve your proble you can use Menu-Setup-TV- Channel section setting you can use front size how you like. and more
  12. crash report

    yeah please use odreamy skin have a lots news and you can make easy how you like using
  13. crash report

    hello egami-team from 7.2.8 is supporting odreamy is defult skin and egami team still work a lot to make full odreamy. opening your crash log i see skin>MetrixHD/skin.xml so please optional skin or secondary skin in real no are supporting at moment bussy in odreamy so please use odreamy and have your support. - Please follow the egami-image.com to have news forum updaters - Please flash usb your box in the least image - please use crash log only a default skin and default plugins to have support
  14. Multistream Channels

    I will make note for next egami revision. Dhis is only optional, no important bug. (for you maybe yes for other not so much because is optional) Egami have to fix lot other bug more important. Friend Just Waite for news in next release egami.
  15. selecting satellite

    auto ne get ?
  16. selecting satellite

    Setup - TV-Service searching - Manual scan manual scan ==> User defined transponder satellite = your sat
  17. selecting satellite

    i no use manual scann.. but work check pic
  18. selecting satellite

    hello please check to add a personal satellites.xml http://satellites-xml.eu/ http://satellites-xml.org/ you can use a motor setting http://www.vhannibal.net/enigma2.php
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