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  1. auto selecting language

    Thank you so much, it works perfectly.
  2. Multistream Channels

    Dear Team, I have one question, When does Egami image support Multistream Channels? Blackhole and Openpli images support multistream Channels. when do you intend to add this feature?. I want you to be first who add this feature my great team. I am using Egami image on my Atemio nemesis box and it's stable. Thanks Team.
  3. selecting satellite

    Dear RuBeN, Thank youso much for replying me, auto feauture selects the appropriate predefined FEC. Take a look at this link: https://sourceforge.net/u/crazycat69/openpli/ci/96ac5ba0afb7fb1ea96aee24fc497e76dc2c652b/tree/lib/python/Plugins/SystemPlugins/Satfinder/plugin.py
  4. selecting satellite

    Dear RuBeN, but the FEC is predefined: 1/2 2/3 3/4 5/6 7/8 and 8/9 doen't exist. I think my question is clear.
  5. selecting satellite

    Thanks for replying me, I want to add a new frequecy with parameters 11509 H 29500 Fec=8/9 in eutelsat 5 West A, the selecting sat stuck on another one and new FEC=8/9 is missing. how can I add nee FEC. Thanks.
  6. selecting satellite

    Dear Team, I recently updated my Atemio Nemesis Box with latest version 7.2.9, my problem : I can't choose my default satellite, configured on tuner configuration (fixed mode) in scanning mode: Blind, Manual and automatic scanning as shown in attached pictures. Second problem with manual scanning, FEC=8/9 is missing. Thank you my great team.
  7. Good morning Mr.Fogo,

    I really need your help, I installed sat>ip client on egami image 7.2.9 with vix-night-hd skin but when I launch the plugin for setup, it doesn't detect the virtual tuner, as shown on the atteched image.


    virtual tuner.jpg

    not detected.jpg

    sat2ip client.jpg

    tuner config.jpg

  8. Comparaison

    Good Morning Team, Can I upgrade the front panel of my box to V20057 (Atemio Nemesis) if it's similar to front panel beyonwiz T4. Thanks Egami Master.
  9. Comparaison

    Dear Team, I noticed a new receiver HDp series list "beyonwiz T4". Is this receiver equivalent to Atemio Nemesis, Xpeed LX3 and miraclebox ultra. If they have the same HW, I surfed on beyonwiz homepage and I found tht V20057 is front panel version compared with other receivers have V20049. THANKS TEAM.
  10. Dear Team, I'm using egami image on Atemio Nemesis box. My problem is when I install TitanNit image under egami multiboot image everything was deleted, but with other enigma2 image installed successfully. Thanks Team.
  11. Update kernel linux

    Dear Fogo, when I compare between two boxes: cloud Ibox 3 and xpeed lx2 have the same CPU (bcm7358), the same hardware cloud ibox 3 has 4.0.1 kernel linux version xpeed lx2 and atemio am5200 hd have 3.14.2 version. I think 3.14.2 is the stable version I'am beginner on this domain, I just compare between boxes. thanks for your reply.
  12. Update kernel linux

    Dear Team, I have an Atemio Nemesis, I want to update a kernel linux version 3.14.2 to 4.0.1 as a Cloud Ibox and Zgemma star Boxes. Can someone guide me to update the kernel linux to the latest version? What's the advanteges of two versions 3.14.2 and 4.0.1? Why you're not switch to deb package?. Thanks.
  13. Hello everybody, I installed Egami mage on Atemio Nemesis (7.1.7 for 03/02/2016), I set up auto language selection 1-4 in order english-french-original but it didn't select the favorite language even the language is available. Thanks.
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