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  1. subtitles

    I tested the new skin from Pingu (EG_BLACK_BLUE FHD for EGAMI) + EMC FHD enabled option and in this combination the DVB subtitles in some material display properly but in some channels the timing of subtiles is still wrong How does it work in Enigma, does the skin selection have any impact on DVB subtitles sync with video stream while watching?
  2. subtitles

    I tested with NC+ (Poland, Canal+/HBO) and Frech package Fransat (for the record: Neotion CAM CI+ 1.3, btw working perfectly in my miracle box premium+). In TV live mode all works fine, DVB subtitles are displayed properly and fully synchronized, e.g. http://www.bild.me/bild.php?file=1485076correct_DVB_-live.JPG The problem is with values stored in TS stream because the same file I open on my PC and play with VLC, works fine. Example from VLC run on my PC: http://www.bild.me/bild.php?file=3434048Zrzut_ekranu_2017-10-16_o_21.10.20.png If I play the same file directly from from /media/hdd/movie then I can observe DVB subs with bad timings, poor quality or appearing just for a few milliseconds so impossible to read. Playing with timings. fonts etc. in subtitles menu options doesn't help. Btw, recently I tested for a while some other images, and I had the same issue - maybe there is some low level issue with Miraclebox driver? Could somebody make tests of DVB subtitles and report back on this thread?
  3. crash report

    FYI, I've also checked two other places where an application or EGAMI module is being displayed on the screen and the power On/Off button works: Egami settings (e.g TV or System), built-in File manager (the application called by Media button). When I press Power On/Off button the receiver goes to standby and keeps these apps running which is really great for me. Why great? Just because I'm not using the miraclebox remote, I own a programmable Harmony remote and I have macro sequences to power on or off my devices (AV receiver, other sat receiver than Miraclebox, xbox etc. - pretty complex environment and that's why one touch commands are so important for me. I'm not convinced by your explanation because even within EGAMi the behaviour varies depending on where you are placed.
  4. crash report

    Well, from end user perspective, the power off action is an intention to close / shut down the receiver, I'd follow the gracefull shutdown principle and let the EPG module to react according to its settings
  5. crash report

    Hi fogo, the problem of this workaround is that in EPG mode pressing the PowerOff remote button will only display the power off menu and the true power off action (e.g. forcing the receiver to go into standby) would still require a manual action, e.g. selecting the timer / pressing OK to confirm. So everything goes manually and cannot be automated as a macro sequence. The problem could have been solved by offering a possibility to customize the PowerOff button using the egami menu, e.g. to run the following actions: 1. EPG. 2. Sleep timer. 3. [OK button]. Unfortunately there is no "[OK button]" action available because this is the remote's key press and not EGAMI software action.
  6. crash report

    Apologize for making the quote from my own post but I just wanted to restore this specific issue quickly and save typing... FYI, on another board some other colleague has just confirmed that that in OpenPLi it is possible to power off the Miraclebox receiver by pressing the On/Off remote button also when the EPG is being displayed on the screen. So it seem that this strange behaviour reported above is an issue in EGAMI image only.
  7. subtitles

    I have a strange problem with DVB subtitles, they work only during live watching but on the registered material , when I playback ts file from my internal hard drive, they appear and disappear immediately (they are displayed just for a few milliseconds) and it is impossible to read them. I was using only default settings of the receiver, no idea whether it related to the Egami image or its settings? Could somebody check it and give the feedback?
  8. crash report

    Hi, FYI I finally removed EMC completely and then MEDIA button on my remote starteded to work again, pointing into the 'movies' folder. The only drawback of this mode is that the ‘delete’ operation (red button in my setup) doesn’t ask for user confirmation, it is very easy to accidentally remove a movie.
  9. crash report

    Yes, exactly. No idea what/how it happened. Alternative media content players work ok, file manager works fine, the hard drive can be accessed via ftp or from Webiff but not from the box. Magic.
  10. crash report

    Suddently the Media button on my remote stopped to pop-up the media player (the deafault media player application, EMC?), I didn't do any buttons' remapping - do you have any idea what could have happened? The disk itself is accessible via file manager or remotely, via ftp,
  11. General GUI improvements ideas

    Not exactly what I wanted. Technisat EPG offers a very comfortable 2 columns mode: when you browse the left panel (list of channels) on the right panel you can see all the details (full list of the shows). It was possible to switch between the left and the right panel and e.g. select a single show to program the timer. Very nice mode. Your picture could do the same only with a possibility to change the TV channel without leaving this screen, e.g. with left and right arrows on the remote
  12. General GUI improvements ideas

    The font size problem partially solved thanks to PinguTM's advice ( EMC-FHD plugin). The font size of the list of recordings is stil fixed but more readable now. My point about the EPG layout was different. I'm used to Technisat style of EPG presentation where one can easily browse the list of channel in 2-columns mode (master details). Switching between the 'Overview' and 'Details' columns was very easy. The screen from Technisat receiver is attached. Would it be possible to setup a something view using Egami? See how clean / crisp this Technisat EPG style looks like. In Enigma the EPG mode is so oveloaded and as far as I can see, there is no 2-columns mode at all.
  13. Hi, please have a look and comment my findings / comments from EPG mode and standard media player application. The comments are visible in the screen shoots.
  14. crash report

    In my box I have 2xDBVBS2+1 DVB-T2/C tuners so the receiver should not really display this message. However, since the message is a false positive, I can ignore it. The real problem is the handler of remote commands, it seems too sensitive - --> multiple Exit codes are able to crash the platform
  15. crash report

    Yes, I'm using graphical EPG mode. The exact scenario was: I had two timers scheduled and running (LNB1 and LNB2 busy, single NC+ card in the reader, OSCAM in use) and when I switched on the receiver wasn't able to activate any tuner ("Can't activate tuner" message or something similar, I can't recall fully the text message). My last bucket used before was "Children" and I simply wanted to switch to another bucket called 'Favorites' where most of my regular channels were grouped. Then I pressed Exit button a few times and the blue screen happened. The receiver stuck on log generation trace log screen, it took so long time that I had to physically switch off and on the receiver to come back to the viewing mode.
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