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  1. OCTAGON SF8008 4K UHD Kernel /Drivers Update

    OCTAGON SF8008 4K UHD Kernel Update 22.03.2019 - Kernel Update & Modify - [linux] 4.4.35 fix mt7601u detection - [submodule] update realtek rt8188fu - rt8188fu change git with more updates for older kernels - add wifi rtl8188fu Ready in images! OCTAGON GERMANY SUPPORT
  2. OCTAGON SF8008 TDT /DVB-T2 and Satellite channels + UNICABLE LNB 1- Satellite and DTT channels change, the Satellite takes a little longer to be visualized for the first time when using unicable LNB. "Cambio de canales TDT y Satélite, el Satélite tarda un poco mas en visualizarse por primera vez al usar LNB unicable." 2- Other video on tuner satelite and tdt configuration as well as kodi and test TDT channels in hispasat 30W in Octagon sf8008.
  3. T2MI (T2-MI) PLP OCTAGON SF8008 4K UHD E2 Astra 4A / SES-5 @ 4.8° East test Here Video
  4. OCTAGON SF8008 4K UHD Kernel Update 14.03.2019 - Kernel Update & Modify - [linux 4.4.35] fix issue dib7000 add patches from 4.4.179 - dvb-usb-linux_4.4.179.patch - dvb-usb tuner with dib7000 chip
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