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  1. Egami 7 And Iptv

    I make diferent buqets for diferent IPTV sourses, the way i do it is to create a buqet name with the editor, then take the file and import it via the channel editor into my box, this has allways worked for me.
  2. Dead Miraclebox Ultra

    @EgamiMaster is seems that Mut@nt have got few moldes in their portofolio, maybe some one from Egami team should contact them and hear if they can provider the need thing to support them with Egami image. http://www.mutant-digital.net/contact2.html now i buy a second hand Sezam Marvel again, let,s see how long this will last for me. But now im thinking to invest in Vu+ Solo 4K UHD ore Xtrend 10 000 HD or the Mutanf 2400 HD as my next box. The time for me to move on from this problematic boxes is soon to an end, as i have tested so many of this , Venton, Miraclebox, Sezam have not ben a good experience for me.
  3. Dead Miraclebox Ultra

    I know Pr2 :-) have tested that box to and it is realy good one :-) I have tested the Ax Quad 2400 HD wich is the same as the Mut@nt but sisnce i have been using the Xtrend with Egami in old days, then over to venton, then to sezam and now to miraclebox , i like Egani image that is why i never buy another box if Egami would have supported the Mut@nt then i would have buy Mutant in a spiltsecond :-)
  4. Dead Miraclebox Ultra

    There is no log i can get out the box is plain dead, the RS232 port is not open at all. The power supply is fine is i tested with another Miraclebox Ultra that a friend of mine has and the power supply from my box works just fine in his box this box just died without me doing anything, simply died :-( I think i will better buy an Vu+ as with this boxes like Sezam and Miracleboxes im having no luck I allso have Jtag but im not sure how to connect it. I jatg files i have got it from the time i had problem with my Sezam boxes that i never managed to fix. No i will not give anyone the Jtag files, this are not to be given to anyone so please do not send PM at all.
  5. Dead Miraclebox Ultra

    woow no one can help with this problem im sure this is an bootloader / box problem / Image problem ho can a box just die without anything being donne to it ? here is some software problem realy. and no one can answer this, not even miraclebox it self can answer.
  6. Dead Miraclebox Ultra

    Hi Sadly my 7 months old Miraclebox Premium Ultra just died on me. some time back i buy couple of this boxes. One of them is now dead :-( I took out the powersupply from the working box, and tested on the dead box, but still the box is dead. I do not know what can be wrong, but both powersupplyes are working on the box that is OK. So im wondering what can be the ptoblem ? I use the lates bootloader adn the last egami image. Im lost and do not know what to do.
  7. On MB Premium HD i have this Original image Official 1.6 21.08.2013 Kernel version: 3.6.0 Gui:3.0 and in this image the DVB-T2 tuners are regognized in Miraclebox Premium HD Same tuners do not work in MB ULTRA, so now i think that this must be an image based problem or driver problem on all 5 MB ULTRA the tuner slott is fine, as when i add DVB-S2 on all 3 ports then all them work perfectly. I hope Miraclebox Sweden answer this asap otherwise im gonna send them back to them :-(
  8. Yes i have try the OpenMB, OpenVix images to i have 5 boxes here, and all this 5 boxes are the same problem, this cannot be a motherboard problem as then if it weas then no tuners will be regognized , but i maybe wrong here :-) now i have to contact the Miraclebox in Sweden, and belive me i am not a begginer in this things i need original image from mid 2014 as i rember that with this was working before. the problem is that there is no way to find Original image, as Code-ini.com is offline all the time :-(
  9. Nobody can explain this problem here ? where is the team ? i will try and cann miraclebox Monday and see what there explanation is in main time i hope some of you here can give some light on what i should see about The tuners are fine as they work in Miraclebox Premium HD but i need them to work in Premium Ultra model, so plz help out if you can
  10. Im sorry Fogo, but im not understanding you, can you please explain
  11. you mean that image for MB Premium Combo works in MB ULTRA ??? im lost realy
  12. the problem is there is no ORIGINAL IMAGE there as you see there is no image for ULTRA box :-( im trying all day to find the original image for MB ULTRA but i have not found one :-( code-ini.com that should have the Original image is not possible to dowload image
  13. Fogo :-) the tuners are not a problem, as they work very good in Premium HD , but they do not work in Premium ULTRA Tuners are fine as i tested them with Miraclebox Premiu HD Twin tuner. this is log from MB PREMIUM TWIN mbtwin login: root root@mbtwin:~# cat /proc/bus/nim_sockets NIM Socket 0: Type: DVB-T2 Name: DVB-T/T2 NIM Mode 0: DVB-T2 Mode 2: DVB-C Frontend_Device: 0 I2C_Device: 0 NIM Socket 1: Type: DVB-T2 Name: DVB-T/T2 NIM Mode 0: DVB-T2 Mode 2: DVB-C Frontend_Device: 1 I2C_Device: 1 root@mbtwin:~# So as shown trhe tuners are fine in this box, then must be some problem with Driver in the Ultra ????why are this tuners not regognized in ULTRA this is botherign me
  14. This is totaly very very strange now i just try T2 tunes in Miraclebox Premium HD and there they work perfectly now im realy confuzed and need help urgently from the team :-)
  15. Hi Fogo Thank you for your replay. root@mbultra:~# cat /proc/bus/nim_sockets NIM Socket 0: Type: DVB-S2 Name: DVB-S2 NIM Frontend_Device: 0 I2C_Device: 1 root@mbultra:~# Yes i have donne that, and have now realy try out allmost all images i can find for this box Right now im on OpenATV to see fi this will louse my problem, but even this have not :-( Im realy desperate on some help guys, and i think is very strange that none of tuners DVB-T2 or DVB-C standalone not working DVB-S2 works on all 3 tuner ports, i have tested with 3 dvb-s2 installed , all show up, I have then try with 1 DVB-S2 one DVB-T2 , only S2 shows in menu then i try with 1 S2 and 2 T2 tuners , again only the S2 tuner sshow up i have try all possible combination realy and only the S2 show in menu. i have like 10 pcs T2 tuners and about 15 C tuners and i have try all of them and noen is showing in menu or via telnet Something must be very wrong here The S2 tuner shows allways as port A even that i add this to port C or B, still in meny shows as A
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