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  1. subtitles

    the subtitles are processed by enigma2 in the transmission stream of DVB (bitstream,region,page etc...) they are different according to channel. The impact that the skin can produce in subtitles are the actions that the user has available in config screen skin.
  2. subtitles

    view video your channel. [GI-LX-3] (softcam->wicardd).play movie EMC.
  3. subtitles

    I have no problems in this regard, it should be the DVB stream that sends the payment platform that you are subscribed to, where enigma2 does not interpret them well. In my case, with my platform I have no problems, they are synchronized, the quality can be improved but is fully readable. PD. Test with EMC:
  4. EMC cover search language

    Does this sequence refer to when you reproduce the problem? In this screen press info button is to see information (movie information preview) .... if you press OK button download the description of the movie in file txt.
  5. EMC cover search language

    info movie cover is themoviedb.org+thetvdb.com+imdb.com.....then....... 1.- It is positioned on the film with EMC movieselection (without playing only selected) (view selected movie.jpg). 2.- Once you have selected it press MENU-> search "download movie information"->OK button remote control (view screen with info movie TMDB)......->press the MENU button again and it will give you the language options and puts it in English ... save green. Example English and Aleman: movieselection selected movie.jpg
  6. crash report

    If certain screens are shown it is because the code allows it without any type of ties. It is not so easy to ask and do with what this may mean (possible problems of other modules). Do you know many images of OE like ours, that from the EPG goes directly to the standby mode?
  7. crash report

    You can get to your task ... as I explain ... two pulsations ... You could consider your request ... if we did not have access ... but this is not the case.
  8. crash report

    Yes ... two keys to get to your job. With menu sort up standby in first position .. would power + ok. I do not think it will bother this much. this from moment going to be not changed in EGAMI, for a simple reason .... what you do is not a "normal" behavior .. leave the receiver in standby mode with open module (EPG) in the background...not see much sense. If your mission is to see the actual programming that is happening uses other criteria .... epg search ... autotimer ... tools developed to search events and be able to record them for that we have them.
  9. crash report

    Do not make comparisons with "it does" another image..EGAMI is not based on OpenPLi. This is not an EGAMI image problem, Egami is designed as such. image1 image2 image3 how to do to see "the menu off"->/Standby/Restart/RestartGUI/Shutdown/SleepTimer ..when you have EPG screen on TV. Configure as the image indicated say: Action on short powerbutton press -> "view power off menu"inglish "Ver Menu de Apagado" Spanish Save green (image1) sequence: 1 Press EPG button.(image2) 2 With screen EPG in TV->Press power button short-> now you will see the power off menu.(image3) 3 If you then choose Standby ( to example) , after->press power button->and you will see again. (image2)
  10. subtitles

    Maybe specific problem of what you have recorded. I was doing tests, the values can adapt them better according to your preferences. Note that it is different the DVB SAT stream to DTT (DTT italian) font in DTT will take the values according to their settings in the menu. DVB SAT->may not vary and remain fixed, you can still adapt your preferences in the quick menu Of subtitles. Works perfect in EGAMI.
  11. crash report

    Deleted items will go to the trash and remain there until you tell them in the configuration.
  12. crash report

    Try to delete EMC in speedup, standard file manager should appear by default and look for you with yellow button its contents folder. Make sure that the middle quick button setup key->MEDIA has nothing assigned.
  13. crash report

    You have no screen if you press MEDIA?
  14. General GUI improvements ideas

    It is not list of channels what pingu ™ wants Channelselection list does not give you direct access to schedule recording. This is all already in epg search.
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