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  1. After update from 17.05 to version 7.2.4 can not use media player anymore. Missing gstreamer h264!!!
  2. VU+ Solo 4K

    When we can expect first release for VU+ Solo 4K Egami image?
  3. Any Chance Of Opengl And Xbmc ?

    And Atemio Nemesis please?
  4. 6.4 Irdeto Card Problem

    After flash new version Egami 6.6 from 6.3 Irdeto card not recognised. When I replace the "dvb_atemionemesis.ko" with "dvb.ko" version from 20140829 Irdeto card work again with Cccam 2.3.0
  5. 6.4 Irdeto Card Problem

    Where and how I can find the log files? I got same problem with WiFi USB dongle type VU+
  6. 6.4 Irdeto Card Problem

    I found solution. First in flash new egami 6.3 from 20140920. Irdeto card recognised with cccam 2.3 without any problems. Next made upgrade to 6.4 from 20141014 without flashing, Card work perfect.
  7. 6.4 Irdeto Card Problem

    Today I have put in flash Egami 6.3 from 20140920. Irdeto card work perfect with Cccam 2.3. When put back in flash Egami 6.4 card is not recognized any more. Info about card is about; Irdeto card Caid: 604 ACS 1544 NLD Provider 00 05076f Provider 01, 02, 03 006c00
  8. 6.4 Irdeto Card Problem

    I'm using CCCam 2.3 and Gbox 807 MT not Qbox. Sorry mistmatch. I can load from Egami cam plugins.
  9. 6.4 Irdeto Card Problem

    I live in Holland and I'm using cable ziggo provider. Smartcard is type Irdeto. In version 6.3 I was succesful to watch Ziggo channels in combination with Qbox 807 MT. In version 6.3 with CCcam Info in Entitlements Itdeto card was recognised but only with Qbox 807 MT where channels open. With version 6.4 in CCcam Info card is not recognised any more. I have try OScam with any succes I cannot read any info and cannot use the log. I have not expirience with OScam.
  10. 6.4 Irdeto Card Problem

    I was using Qbox 807 with Ziggo Irdeto card. With early version with Cam info card was recognised by Entitlements now not any more. I think that thid problem was apear when I made manual drivers updates: Nemesis Driver 3.14.2-20141001 All images in Multoboot have same problem with all cards Irdeto Seca
  11. Thanks for your excellent job. Pity that my Irdeto card is not recognised anymore
  12. Egami For Atemio Nemesis

    Many thanks for your support, it is superb!
  13. Egami For Atemio Nemesis

    Thanks work fine with multiboot!!!
  14. Do you have any plans to release Egami image for Atemio Nemesis?
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