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  1. Ciao Ruben

    volevo chiedere se è possibile avere una beta per Atemio Nemesis di Egami 8 in modo da poterla testare e fare la nuova traduzione in italiano.

    Grazie in anticipo Ciao


  2. Hi guys I would need the information. Which folder and file are saved to the setting of the HDMI-CEC menu ? If the file is "settings" in "etc/enigma2" folder, there's something wrong. If I change settings in HDMI-CEC menu, the file does not change, and the settings remain the same. config.hdmicec.control_receiver_wakeup=true config.hdmicec.fixed_physical_address= config.hdmicec.control_receiver_standby=true config.hdmicec.enabled=true config.hdmicec.tv_wakeup_detection=activity config.hdmicec.report_active_menu=false Thanks in advance
  3. Openvpn

    Resolved correct string log /etc/openvpn/openvpn.log Ciao
  4. Openvpn

    Hi guys In network menu, I have configured the openvpn for use with free vpn. I have insert in the file opnvpn.conf this line “log /etc/openvpn/log.txt†In the directory openvpn I have the file log.txt, but if I go in openvpn menu and I press blu button “Log†I don’t see nothing I think that the string “log /etc/openvpn/log.txt†it is not correct. You have any suggestions… Thanks in advance
  5. Egami 7 And Iptv

    When you have copy the file in etc/enigma2 you don't see the new bouquet, go in channel list key down Ok -> blu key -> Menù key now you are in "Channel list context menù" select reload service, then you return in channel list context menu and select restore deleted user bouquets
  6. Crash Crossepg 0.8.1

    Upload Now Perfect !! Thanks
  7. With the new version 6.6.1 when I configure the CrossEPG plugin, the image go to crash and reboot. The problems are: in download privider rytec and xepgdb and in Green Panel when I start CrossEPG Downloader.
  8. Where Are The Egami Tools ?

    thanks EgamiMaster !!
  9. I have on my Nemesis the EGAMI vers. 6.5 last update, but I do not find in the menus and in the blue panel these tools : EGAMI Swap File Manager EGAMI Enigma2 Config EGAMI Extras Panel EGAMI File Manager EGAMI Permanent Clock where are they?
  10. If I change the files skin.xml, skin_channelselection.xml, etc... in the directory usr\share\enigma2\mega32 and in usr\share\enigma2 I lose all update of EGAMI ?? http://i.imgur.com/s34q0G9.jpg http://i.imgur.com/KJ0mMTN.jpg http://i.imgur.com/G4AsNKg.jpg
  11. Date And Time

    Now there is another bug, it does not load EPG in the channel list. I use CrossEPG. yesterday CrossEPG worked, now it did not load anything. I have forced the loading and I did download the EPG but does not work
  12. Date And Time

    Thanks Now it is OK
  13. Date And Time

    I don't have enable weather in EGAMI Infobar Settings, but the date and time appear
  14. Date And Time

    With this update Egami 6.4 - Dvb-T And Dvb-C Signal Meter - 21.10.2014 When I change the channel is displaying the date and time (gray in the upper right corner). How can I remove this option? I do not like thisThanks in advaceCiao
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