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  1. Hello Ruben!

    Can you help med with oscam?

    I want to use a c-line from my friend. It worked perfectly with CCcam on my dreambox. But now, with my new Ocatogon 4008, I must use Oscam.

    Can yo control if I config my oscam.server correctly?

    Thank you!

    label = CCcam-server
    protocol = cccam
    device = xxx.cccccc.com, 12000
    user = xxxxxxxx
    password = xxxxxxxxx
    group = 1
    cccversion = 2.0.11
    cccmaxhops = 2
    ccckeepalive = 1
    cccreshare = 1

  2. Hello!

    I saw that you heve solved the problem with Oscam.

    I´ve tried a lot without success. I want to use oscam because I have a C-line from a friend. How should I config my config files? May I ask you to send me your config file (withput personal info)?

    Best Regards from Sweden!


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